Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hello, Ladies...

I've seen a great deal of progress on this blog from when you first started. You seem to be enjoying blogging a great deal more than you did at the start. I would bet that you will continue blogging amongst yourselves with this long after the course ends.

Blog 2 - You have all chosen interesting blogs - very personal and conversational. Your business blog choices sometimes sound like personal blogs, too. Your assignment was to post two of each, which you've done. However, it would have helped the reader to either organize your entries by user (eg. all of Sonia's, then all of Oxana's, etc.) or by category (eg. all personal blogs, then all business blogs). As it is, your blogs are a bit difficult to mark. However, for a casual blogger, the randomness may work, so I'm awarding 2.5/3 for each of you.

Blog 3 - As for the commentary, you were asked to comment on your other members' choices. I've given each of you 1% for each comment, to a maximum of 3%. If you posted at least 3 comments, you received full marks.

Again, thank you for your contributions! I do hope that this medium will become a regular part of your digital life, as you all seem to be developing great skills at it!

- Lisa

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sonia- The Hudsons

By reading this blog "The Hudsons"blogger share her feelings cand her thoughts about the transitions of the changing weather.she tells in her blog how she is not enjoying this spring weather and sha cannot wait for summer to arrive.

In the blog she is telling all the problems she is going throw like her cat webster being sick and she had to be up and down last night.Weather is not copreating either it rains and sun come out where she lives.While she is going through all this problem there is some hope when she sees pelham pick up day she get rid of som stuff. That and some sport score and wondering who would her coach be for basketball.

Finally,it tells the reader that this blog does not like the transitions from the spring to summer.So she is irritated and cannot for summer to come.

Oxana-Royalty life.

When I found this blog I was not surprised by this man. Some people have got their “royalty blood” from forefather. I cannot understand why people so interested by royalty life. Sometimes it is really annoying to watch TV or read news about clothes, shoes, crowns which were on those persons. It is better build your own life and be as a queen or a king. People who surround you should respect you as a person not because you have “blue blood”. This blog for people who do not have “royalty blood”, but my opinion every person is unique as a god.

Visit: http://www.royaltyinthenews.com/ or http://bloggers.com/Sonjapearl

Sonia- The House in Marrakesh

Different countries have different culture, different life style ,tradition, language and their diffrent houses. This blog is about the marakesh beaches, food shops and marrakesh cats and their lovely houses.

In the south side of marrakesh atlantic sea there is good place for surfing and camel ride on the sand. The shops are unique in marrakesh because all the little shops clustered together . These all shops are under the slats wood that prevent them from sun shine. Moreover, marrakesh houses are beautifully decorated and houses has an amazimg colour. Marakesh also famous for the animals like cats and frogs.

I found this blog intersting because i like the picture and i think by reading this blog you will never get bored.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sonia - Tanja Lippert Photography

Photography is also part of our life. By photography we can capture a sweet memorable moment of our life.

Passion for the photography I have never seen like a Tanja in my life. One of the Tanja favourite photography, (that he took on Amanda and Michael’ carmel wedding ) was most beautiful, serene, colourful and lovely wedding. This took place in Santa Lucia preserve. Tanja loves photography .He has passion for the random pictures and he also put a separate college for his favourite pictures. The most important thing about the Tanja photography is a created ‘Natural Light’. There is an also link for the Light photography if someone want to learn how and why they make it.

There is a variety of pictures in this blog. I like the whole pictures in this blog, the color of the background. The most things that I like are black and white pictures. It also provides the information about photography. I believe everybody will enjoy by reading this blog.


Friday, April 16, 2010

Oxana-Best Humor Blog

Hello everybody. My teacher liked to tell that only the human race has sense of humor. I completely agree with him. In this stressful life we have to smile and laugh as much as possible. I love when people smiling on the streets, in stores or in the busses etc. In our country people trying to put on their face some king of mask without any emotion. I like to read funny stories or watch comedy movies. If you like it too, let’s go to read these blog.You can find a lot of funny stories in this blog.
Visit: http://davisoncheney.blogspot.com/

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Oxana-Canadian Oil Sands

In this blog you can find information about oil sands. Everyone knows that economy in Alberta is growing up last 10 years very quickly. We have three large oil sand deposits in the Alberta region. Therefore, we do not have so deep recession time in Alberta. We hope in the future we will be protected from any economical problems in the world by our oil sands.

Visit http://canadianoilsand.org