Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Amna Zahoor- Opening Hira's Life

The personal blog that I liked is Opening Hira’s Life, by Hira Zainab. She is from Pakistan. She is an engineering student having the capability of writing. Her blog depicts her thoughts about life, and its’ experiences. After looking at her blog and reponse of her readers, one can guess that she is famous among people who like to follow blogs.

Her blog has a beautiful combination of background and text colour. The black, white and red colour text enhances the reader’s attention. Also, she has decorated it with the different art images according to her text description. I liked her recent post, confession court, in which she told the readers about the people she loves. She expressed her feelings about their importance in her life. This post shows her sensitivity and care for the relationships.

Furthermore, the gadgets are arranged and easy to fine in her blog. She has shared some poetry and there is also a list of blogs which she likes to visit. There is guest book for comments and feedback from readers as well.

Hence, I think this is kind of different blog with no personal pictures but with personal feelings. The link to blog is http://spotlesssoul.wordpress.com/.

By Amna Zahoor


  1. Hi Amna,
    This blog is truly interesting. I love art and the colours in the background and the content just blew my mind. Do check out this blog everyone.

  2. Honestly, am SPEECHLESS! =)

    Have a look at : http://spotlesssoul.wordpress.com/2010/04/19/awards-accolades/ please.

  3. The blog truly deserves such a review. (: